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Halo: Reach Noob Tips - Level Up Your Spartan Fast

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Halo: Reach just launched and we're already obsessed with leveling up and scoring credits. Thanks to daily and weekly challenges, various multi-tiered commendations, constantly evolving user-made content, dozens of ranks and a store to spend the credits you earn from doing virtually...

The Brains Behind Volunteer Video Game Walkthroughs

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The last thing most gamers do when they get home, rip the cellophane off a brand new game, pop it in and press 'start' is think to themselves, 'I'm going to play this game multiple times until I discover the best possible course through it and then share the info with strangers on the Internet.'...

10 Weird and Awesome Homemade Arcade Cabinets

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Arcades are dead, but that isn't stopping thousands dozens of people around the world from attempting to recreate the nostalgia for BO-infused sweat-boxes in their own homes. The following homemade cabinets range from the weird to the weirder. They may be set to "free play" or feature new games...