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Jared is a Los Angeles-based blogger and journalist, and the editor of GamerCrave. Find him on Twitter @OneJaredNewman, or send an e-mail to jarednewman@gamercrave.com.

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The 9 Best LittleBigPlanet 2 Levels Thus Far

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There's a certain thrill of the hunt that takes hold when searching for the best user-made levels in LittleBigPlanet 2. Finding something amazing to enjoy later with friends and family is like returning back to the cave with a week's worth of wild boar -- or so I imagine. But sometimes, you...

Gaming's Toughest Questions, As Tackled By Yahoo Answers

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Yahoo Answers is a massive, sometimes embarrassing snapshot of the human psyche, where anyone can ask any question to an anonymous peanut gallery of non-experts. So for no reason whatsoever, I decided to see what the site's users were saying about video games. After digging through hundreds of...

Real-Life Achievements for Skiers? That's Sick

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The Colorado Rocky Mountains are going to get more game-like this ski season, with a new program that rewards skiers with achievements and other metrics as they ride. Epic Mix, which debuts Colorado ski resorts in November, uses radio frequency identification, or RFID. With an RF tag built into...

4 Fallacies of the Anti-Used Game Argument

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Publishers don't want you to buy used games, and neither do game developers. That's no surprise, but I was taken aback this week to see some game writers arguing in opposition to the used game market, one that is dominated by Gamestop and, according to the logic of those opposed, doesn't benefit...